Monday, 27 March 2017

(Part 3) Permata Playschool Family Day

hi there,

ok, so after finished all games from the kids to the mommies, to the daddies and to the mommies+daddies, now it's the teachers turn.

click here for Permata Playschool Family Day

the committee conduct 2 games for the teachers to participate....

1/ permainan cari gula gula dalam tepung

this was fun.
jom kita kenakan cikgu. hehe

from left to right
cikgu fara, cikgu ika, cikgu rozy and cikgu fiza

everyone was blowing the flour

ok cikgu ....

guess who didn't blow?

yeah! cikgu ika juara.

followed by cikgu rozy

and cikgu fiza

but cikgu fara?????

she didn't blow the flour
hahaha, cikgu fara takut comot eh?

we were like ... ehhhhh mana aci!!!! hehe.
just teasing manja manja.

2nd game pula.
permainan buat loop band

oh, penuh konsentrasi

cikgu rozy and cikgu fiza

rancak cikgu fiza buat

lil' Iman was like 
"mommy, cikgu tu buat apa?"

cikgu ika and cikgu fara

cikgu fara very serious

eh, kenapa cikgu?

guess who win the game?

kids were so thirsty.

yeah! cikgu fiza won.

it's the end of the game.

so we all went back to the hall

party of four.

stay tune for the FINAL PART.


(Part 2) Permata Playschool Family Day

hi there,

to know what's going on in PART 1, click here.

welcome to Part 2.

so, after the water balloon passing game, we continue with another game. but this time just for 'all the daddies'...

this one was 
permainan pecahkan belon jiran tapi belon sendiri harus dijaga rapi

from so many daddies,

one by one defeated

can you spot where is mr.Husband?

how many daddies left?

everyone were trying hard to poke someone else balloon

top 2

who will win?
the blue or orange balloon?

yeah, the blue balloon won!

next game!

permainan hantar gelung kepada kawan hujung ke hujung tanpa terlepas pegangan tangan

mr.Husband's team was on the right

haha, mcm budak sekolah kan

ok, need some good technique here

and the winner was the opposition ;)

another game, but didn't captured photo of the game since we were involved with that game ... 
it was permainan mommies masukkan air ke dalam cawan daddies sambil mata mommies ditutup. ouch! I'm blind for a second.

and guess what, we won 1st runner up! yeah.

next game

for teachers only!
habislah cikgu dikenakan.

stay tune for PART 3, CLICK HERE

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