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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pengalaman pertama online shopping di LAZADA

2nd baby lil chipumpum sudah pun berusia 3bulan lebih, cepatnya masa berlalu .... mrs pip still teringat how mr.Husband and I discussed kalau kalau kami patut atau tidak beli carseat.

in mrs pip punya pendapat la kan, car seat ni is NOT A MUST things that you need UNLESS in some circumstances la, for example you are working mother, and kena hantar baby pigi nursery ka, ataupun maybe you need to drive your baby to clinic and you are driving alone kan, etc...

in our case, kami beli carseat because our 1st baby lil'Iman still a toddler, kalau dia naik kereta, mrs pip still kena pangku dia, so 2nd baby is coming soon, then nnt siapa mau pangku our 2nd baby pula while mr.Husband is driving and mrs pip jena pangku lil'iman? so at that time, the only solution is jom beli BABY CARSEAT!

so pencarian bermula......

since at the time kami decide untuk beli baby carseat, perut mrs pip pun dah boyot, and mcm malas ja mau jenjalan sesak sesak pi shopping complex.... then mr.Husband suggest, hey why don't buy ONLINE?

browsing punya browsing, kami rasa tertarik dengan infant SWEET CHERRY car seat yang warna sooooo RED itewwww....mrs pip pun buatlah comparison harga di few website, tp yang bagi harga paling murah at that time ialah LAZADA, plus FREE SHIPPING pula tu, siapa tak nak kan!

 waktu tu harga pembelian is RM174.00 sedangkan kat website lain harga bagi car seat ni RM200 lebih belum masuk harga transportation... apalagi, mrs pip pun sambar la satu kan for our coming soon chipumpum....19days later after the transaction, we welcome our 2nd baby....

this is what the car seat looks like, really love the red and grey color

yeah, our chipumpum tidur dengan nyenyak dalam tu car seat. it is like 2-in-1 car seat cum baby carrier.....

so mommies out there, kalau rasa2 mau cari yang car seat with affordable prices, why don't try shopping at LAZADA? car seat ni sampai less than a week after the transaction from KL to Membakut with LOVE tau....


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