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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Short note ... Happy 3rd Anniversary

salam ramadan ....

14 hari berpuasa, yeah ... lambat sikit update blog :( ... busy busy busy .... 1st July yesterday, marks our 3rd anniversary ... since puasa kan, so no celebration, kena concentrate dengan ibadah puasa ... muahs!

very the short note:

to mr. Husband, thanks for being my husband, thanks for loving and caring to me and to our kids ... more years to come, let's spend our time together wisely ...

lots of love,
your sweet wife :)

p/s: thanks for giving me the shopping voucher, I bought a lot! and mr.Husband, I hope you are happy with my new collection, I am really into wearing the muslimah attire .... can't wait to get another shopping voucher next year ... love you more each n every day .... 

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