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Thursday, 30 March 2017


hi there.

do you ever have craziness over something? things that you will always buy even you know you will not really use it or need it? but you keep buying the things ...? anyone? ....

guilty guilty guilty ...
that's the feeling of me ...
whenever I purchased this product, 
I'm like WAHHHHH *happiness is all mine, smile from ear to ear* .... BUT .....

the thing is, after buying all these things, then come the GUILTY FEELING .... I've asking myself why la I purchased all these, and later never use it? not NEVER use it, but in fact, I'm too sayang to use it, so they just sit in the kitchen shelf for display ....grrr

and once mr.Husband told me "you buy all these, but don't wanna use it, better next time don't buy la" .... eeeeiiiiii .... "eh, saya pakailah ....", pointing at few eco bottles and few container that I've always use .... and my fav one is always the "click and go" ...

and now, I've TO STOP from buying Tupperware since my kitchen shelf has out of space to 'accept' any Tupperware collection ... for sure my mr.Husband jeling jeling geleng geleng looking at all these collection ... aiseh.

bah ... kalau mrs pip rancang rancang mau buat Giveaway (GA) barangan Tupperware, ada siapa siapa mau join? bagilah feedback, kalau memberangsangkan, bolehlah buat GA ni next month ;))

I am sooooo mommy-mommy auntie-auntie type now! no more jiwa muda ;( LOL.

p/s: because some said Tupperware ni mmg mak-mak auntie auntie ja yang selalu tapau beli *grrr* ....


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