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Friday, 24 March 2017

When we decided to let our kids to SLEEP all by themselves ... tough or not?

hi there,

lil'Iman is 4years old now, and lil'Amin current age is 2years 4months old... few months ago, we started training the kids to sleep by their own.

meaning no more sleeping with mommy n daddy ... meaning no more mommy have to stay for hours waiting for the kids to fall asleep...

at the first month, it's kinda unacceptable by the kids. lil'Iman cried almost every night looking for mommy or daddy, and same goes to lil'Amin. part of these training, we tried to wean off breastfeeding for lil' Amin, and tried no more sucking the milk bottle at night by lil'Iman...

we really wanna the kids to go to bed without their milk... that is part of the training. but the real reasons why we wanna the kids to learn how to sleep by their own are because we wanna the kids to be independent, to understand sleeping without mommy and daddy is alright, and just in case mommy or daddy have important task to do outside, or emergency comes, we never knows, so the kids can sleep without crying asking where is mommy where is daddy...

When lil'Iman learned sleeping by himself

some family members asked "don't you guys think it is too early to let the kids sleep in their own room? and all by themselves?" ....

decision is hard, is tough. when you still want to embrace your kids at night, when you still want to hug them tight, but thinking of WHEN WILL BE THE RIGHT TIME is very SUBJECTIVE...

western let their kids sleep by their own since they were a baby... and for them it is okay. they trust their kids since they were such a baby...

parents, what age your kids sleep separately with you? how hard for the kids to sleep by their own? do they cry every single nite? tell me your stories...

stay tune for the UGLY TRUTH of
1/ How we trained the kids to sleep by their own
2/ How we trained the kids for no more bottle-milking / breastfeeding during sleeping hours

to parents, hope everyone enjoying raising their kids.

p/s: when parenting skills and knowledge never enough *tough* ... learning is in progress.

happy parenting everyone.


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