Movie List

hi there,

this page is to list down all (mostly) movie CD that mr.Husband bought previously. we have problem to check what movie has been bought and what has not. guess what, in our movie CD collection, mr.Husband  accidentally  bought the very same movie CD not less than 10X !

so I suggest mr.Husband, each time he wanna buy any movie CD, he should check the list in my blog ........ LOL, ini pun kena masuk blog juga ... but better la kan dari terpilih CD yang sama berkali kali ....

p/s: and we buy only the cheap RM5 movie CD ya, but quality is good, and some are super awesome. yang ORIGINAL , we can't afford, super expensive!

some of the collection accidentally bought twice!
what la kan ...

listing is in progress! stay tune.

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