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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tips jimat duit : 50 things you can do to reduce expenses {from KCLau}

salam semua .... haish! our RM (ringgit malaysia) ni still weak .... bila lah mau increase value ni ????? jibyyyyy, aku tau la kau kayo giler, tapi pls la do something to increase the value of RM ... ok, aku tau kau tak mampu maybe kan ... never mind!

ok, so golongan marhaen mcm mrs pip ni, apa kata kita berjimat cermat .... expenses nowadays very the expensive you ollssss, tapi kalau mau increase savings, kenalah berkorban dalam beberapa hal kan .... 

kebetulan mrs pip ni once in a while baca blog KClau, so terjumpa la tips ni utk tingkatkan savings, dan kurangkan perbelanjaan ... boleh ka? .... mesti boleh punya lah kalau dikuatkan hati, mental dan segala jiwa raga :)) ngee ............

so, let's see the 50 things what can we do to reduce expenses

1- eliminate hand phone >>>> hahahahaha, mungkin tak!
2. cancel newspapers, mags and other periodicals subscriptions >>>>>> yang ni setuju
3. use energy efficient lamps 
4. purchase generics prescriptions when possible
5. buy in bulk when shopping grocery >>>>> memang pon!
6. terminate your gym membership >>> ya, boleh ja guna kompleks sukan awam sebagai ganti untuk bersenam
7. read books at library instead of going for movie >>>> nowadays, boleh ja download movie for free kan ...ngee 
8. cut your vacation >>>> kalau plan 10 percutian, just go for 2 or 3 :))
9. stay at home whenever possible >>> memang pon, kalau keluar mesti ada ja mau dibeli *salahkan diri sendiri*
10. stick your budget

11. cancel your TV subscription >>>>> ni boleh jimat RM1500 setahun, tapi my anak cakap MOMMY, astro ceria please ... aduhs
12. use email instead of phone whenever possible >>>>whatsapp kan ada
13. compare before you make any purchase
14. plan menus for the week before you shop for grocery
15. prepare shopping list to avoid impulse buying >>>> ni wajib buat bagi mrs pip
16. go to the store just once a week .>>> mrs pip mau pigi sekali sebulan pun susah, apatah lagi sekali seminggu T_T
17. do not go to the restaurant when you are hungry >>>> nnt order mcm2 ikut hawa nafsu
18. plan the use of leftover food >>>> yang ni kekadang kita recycle tukar resepi 
19. buy clothing at th end of season >>>> mrs pip tunggu sale gila gila
20. shop at discount stores

21. buy used item whenever possible >>>> yang ni out, tak buat punya
22. use public transportation, if available
23. have good health habits
24. avoid smoking >>>> beli rokok mahal giler!
25. avoid drinking alcohol 
26. play board and card games, they are cheaper >>>jom main dam
27. attend concert only if is free >>>> kalau free pon mrs pip takkan pergi
28. make your own home accessories >>>> mrs pip just new in this :))
29. consider less expensive housing
30. pack school and work lunches >>>> ni boleh jimat 6k setahun kalau serius buat! 

31. review insurance coverage. are you over insured?
32. reduce trips outside house
33. use 10% less than usual >>>> patut cuba!
34. stop shopping, even window shopping >>> mrs pip yang addict online shopping :(( huh!
35. change to cheaper brands 
36. look for discount coupon
37. buy only when you are offered rebates
38. drink plain water only whenever you dine out
39. don't keep more then 10 ringgit in your wallet >>> alamak, ni sukarlah! at least ada rm20
40. cut all your credit card except one that gives you the lowest limit >>> done!

41. do your own car maintenance such as changing oil >>>> ladies, are you ready?
42. stop going to a hairstylist
43. rides bike instead of car
44. avoid silly bank fees
45. don't buy a car >>>> hahahahah, adohai! our public transportation di sini sungguh lembap lor!
46. just rent a small room to stay
47. share room and split the rent
48. stay with your parents
49. start blogging and it will cut all your other entertainment >>> memang pun, blogging ni mcm buat assignment ....
50. ask for discount every time before you pay for something

ok ... semestinya bukan semua kita mampu buat semata mata untuk reduce expenses so that can get more savings kan, but at least, antara 50 senarai tu, mungkin ada few yang korang boleh ja cuba ...

mcm KCLau tulis >>>>> hard work and no fun! ........... tapi kalau korang try few, maybe korang boleh cut between 10% - 30% expenses korang sebulan, or maybe setahun ... hey, berjaya cutting 10% tu dah kira bagus la kan, at least korang berjaya!

just imagine, korang ada hutang kad kredit yang tinggi, kalau boleh cut 10% expenses korang, so bolehlah guna utk bayar hutang kad kredit kan *just like me once upon a time dulu dulu, ouch!* ... tapi tu, nnt la mrs pip storimori about my bad experienced guna kad kredit, what a bad money management dulu! ..........

selamat berusaha !

cheers semua

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