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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


hi there,

wah, gembira tengok kawan kawan kita menang peraduan Lazada Blogger Contest sempena harijadi Lazada ke-5 tue.... walaupun mrs pip tidak tersenarai sebagai pemenang, namun still happy tengok ada rakan rakan blogger yang mrs pip familiar tersenarai.

dah nama pun kan peraduan, jadi adatlah ada yang menang, ada yang tak ... lagipun ianya dipilih secara rawak. jadi jangan sedih sedih, mungkin hari ni rezeki kawan kawan kita, manatau lain hari rezeki kita pula kan ...

yang ni dah berlalu, apakata kita ramai ramai memeriahkan pula peraduan Lazada Malaysia Baby Big Fair ...

nak tahu caranya mcm mana nak join?

How to Join

1. The contest runs from 27 March until 2 April 2017 (11.59pm). 

2. Each contestant (blogger) has to write a post and answer these questions on his/her blog post: 

a. What favourite brand of diapers for your baby (or future baby)? 
b. What is your favourite choice of baby formula for your baby (or future baby)? 
c. Choose 1 product from Lazada Malaysia you'd like to get for your children (or future children). 

3. The Article must contain screenshots for the product mentioned in point 2c. 

4. Blog posts must be titled "Lazada Malaysia Big Baby Fair". 

5. Blogger need to mention Lazada's Big Baby Fair (http://www.lazada.com.my/big-baby-fair/) that will take place from March 27 to 2 April (where you can find special discounts up to 85%!). 

6. Contestants are required to submit the link to their post via e-mail to contest@lazada.com.my with the subject titled: Lazada Big Baby Fair Blogger Contest 

7. Contestants are welcomed to post the article in any language. 

8. You do not have to be a mommy blogger to join. Any blogger is allowed to participate in this contest. 

9. Winners will be selected at random. 

6 lucky bloggers will recieve one RM500 voucher each. 

so, jom join sebelum atau pada 2 April, kalau tak silap pemenang terpilih akan diumumkan pada 4 April nnt.


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