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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

(PAPN MEMBAKUT)... Little Adira 2years old birthday celebration

hi there,

yeah, another birthday celebration in Iman's playschool, PAPN (Membakut) ....thanks to mama Adira for sharing the birthday photos .... and HAPPY SWEET 2ND BIRTHDAY ADIRA!

I guessed the kids were having fun eating the birthday cake .... not only the kids ate the cake, but they all received a nice cute face mask, with some goodies 👍 ....

let's tour the photos ....

Multi flavors cake!

Must be the kids were happy when receiveing the face mask

Happy kids.

 everyone was busy eating the cake

 can you spot where is lil' Iman?

The birthday girl
And puteri was sitting next to her...

Birthday girl reaction after eating the cake
too yummy and she can't have enough, 
Ok just kidding.

lil' Iman and his friends were busy with the face mask ....

everyone had their mask on

Is that Wawa? .... ok give me 5 too.

birthday girl with her gorgeous mama

Last but not least, 
Here she comes, cikgu Rozie asking sweet Dira to cut the cake ...

Note: I have problem to rotate the video properly,
will do it later after I managed configure it ...


And lucky Dira...
YB Ariffin came to visit PAPN Membakut on the same day...

Anyway, enjoy watching everyone... 

thanks mama Adira, for the cake and the goodie bags .... sure the kids love it so much.

thanks for reading.


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